Overtown Manor Farmhouse has been in the same family for over 4 generations.

Set in the heart of the North Wessex Downs the original house was built in 1690 and extended again in the 18th century. Five acres of farmland and gardens provides an oasis of peace and quiet, dark skies and a garden from which Nancy sources most of the seasonal ingredients for the home cooked food that Overtown Manor is famous for.

In fact home cooked locally sourced food from our garden is at the heart of what Overtown Manor is about. We prefer food steps from the garden, farm and village to food miles.



After a chance encounter in “Books For Cooks” in Notting Hill in 2002 Nancy was asked by Peter Kingsley of Dorian Kingsley Publishing to be the head chef at Sheepdrove Organic farm and Eco Conference Centre.

Nancy carried her passion for healthy, environmentally sustainable eating to her next venture, Overtown Manor where her philosophy of insisting that food should be eaten in season with as few food miles as possible on the clock meant that as word spread her cooking became in popular demand.

It’s one of the reasons Overtown Manor is seen as not only superior bed and breakfast accommodation but as a food destination in it’s own right.

Nancy’s cookery demonstrations are available to book below.



Say hello to Frank.

You may not think it to look at him, but Frank is the brains behind our operation, nothing happens around Overtown Manor without Frank’s approval.

He’s always on hand to greet the guests when they arrive, well if he’s not busy chasing his favourite ball round the garden or asleep in his favourite sunny spot on the lawn that is.

When not sleeping he can be found checking that the flowers in the drawing room are fresh and the pictures are all hung straight.

He can also be found hanging around the kitchen door, his little nose twitching and sniffing the air appreciatively as Nancy pulls yet another amazing mouth watering dish from the Aga.

He would love to be checking every bed to ensure the duvets are as warm and snuggly as possible and the pillows are plumped to perfection but much to his disappointment Nancy won’t allow him upstairs!